Big Z Labs
Based in Berkeley, California

Founding date:
June 21, 2012


Press / Business contact:



2395 Piedmont Ave
Berkeley, CA



Big Z Labs is very small (one person) indie entertainment studio that specializes in developing mobile applications for IOS and Android platforms, as well as in creating promotional media.


The Story

Big Z Labs was founded in 2012 by Chris Zielinski when he was sixteen years of age. In August of 2012, Big Z Labs released its first application, Sling it!, made available on the Apple App Store. It climbed the charts and eventually scaled into the top 25 in the Strategy Games category. As a poor teenager who's parents just purchased him a MacBook Pro, Chris had absolutely no marketing/advertising budget to work with for Sling it!'s release. He was therefore forced to submerge himself in producing promotional media and implementing low-cost/free advertising solutions to gain coverage. Since Big Z Labs' conception, the studio has published a total of six applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play in addition to various projects the studio has been contracted to complete.

The Journey

Following the successful release of Sling it!, Big Z Labs unleashed Not a Sequel globally in March 2014 on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Not a Sequel, as the title cleverly hints, is a parody of the infamous Flappy Bird app. It employs the teenage son of Flappy Bird, Flappy Bird Jr., to poke fun at the aggravating nature of the game mechanics. The app name was originally planned to be Flappy Bird Jr.; however, the Apple review team felt differently. On August 2, 2014 Big Z Labs released 2016 FAT, a parody trivia application that satirizes the scheduled reformatting of The College Board’s SAT in 2016.

The Founder

Chris Zielinski is presently eighteen years old and attends UC Berkeley as a freshman. He is completing a double major in Undergraduate Business Administration and Computer Science, and is a member of the Delta Xi Chapter of the Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) Fraternity. Because of his distinctive height (six foot six inches), his friends call him Big Z. Chris is from a small lackluster town called Camarillo in Southern California; it is located approximately halfway in between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. He acquires his inspiration from the entrepreneurial masterminds Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs; and aspires to one day achieve their level of achievement.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Two Time 'My Mother’s Favorite App' Honorable Mention" - My moms house: 2013, 2014

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